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  • Carpintería José Rutia
  • Carpintería José Rutia
  • Carpintería José Rutia
  • Carpintería José Rutia
  • Carpintería José Rutia
  • Carpintería José Rutia
  • Carpintería José Rutia



En 1.945 Victor Rutia began his career in the world of handcrafted woodwork in La Puebla de Alfindén, a village located 15 kilometers from the heart of Zaragoza. Since then many years have elapsed, passing through a small garage of 50 m², continuing to the tradition up to the third generation of carpenters 100% involved in the family business.


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Currently José Rutia Carpentry has an area of 4.000 m² in the industrial state of Malpica – Alfindén among which we can find: offices, show room, factory, warehouse and a workshop for lacquered / varnish, as well as a shop in a commercial area of Zaragoza.



José Rutia Carpentry has all necessary means: the best professionals within the field of joinery, quality materials and modern machinery, to develop any project related to the woodwork and its derivatives, in Spain and abroad, either for construction companies or for the particular client.


Our main lines of work are:

puertas jose rutia


Entrance, exterior, interior, armored, solid, sliding, pivoting, glass doors, fire resistant, lacquered, varnished…

ventana mixta carpinteria jose rutia


In pvc, wood, pine, iroko, mixed wood and aluminum, sliding, tilt swing, with mosquito net, monoblock shutters…

armarios-vestidores jose rutia


Dressing rooms, wardrobes, sliding / folding doors, interior according to design...

suelos jose rutia


Parquet, laminate flooring, solid hardwood, pergo, AC4, AC5…

trabajos a medida jose rutia

Made to measure

Tables, cabinets, pergolas, eaves, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, bathrooms, coffered ceilings, wall paneling… bring us your sketch and we will make it happen.



Working Methodology


Our working methodology is based on our experience, making the woodwork synonymous with quality. New technologies, such as 3D project design, mingle with the manual labor, creating a unique dialogue that guarantees our quality finishes.




responsabilidad socialSocial Responsibility

This is a new concept that responds to the demands of society, by which companies must not only worry about being profitable, but also by the manner in which they generate their results.

Corporate social responsibility creates value for both: the company and for society. It is more than“modernity”. Our philosophy has as an objective, a commitment with the Total Quality and differentiation from the companies in our sector.

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